Release 160

Release Notes - Release 160

Release name: 160

Release Date: Aug 19, 2021


System Notification Center

LinearB is now providing users with a new 'home' for system notifications. All system notifications will be now located in the same place, and users will be able to control/dismiss notifications after consuming them. The notification center will be available on the top left corner of the screen.

Auto Repository Detection

LinearB is now automatically scanning for new repositories that were previously not part of the repository list. Whenever LinearB detects such new repositories the users are notified through the system notifications center about the new repositories and offered to add them to the available repositories list. If users choose to add the new repositories, the new repositories will be added and scanned by LinearB.

GitHub sign-up page improvements

  1. LinearB improving the experience for customers onboarding using GitHub. The signup wizard will include now a more friendly and explanatory page before being redirected to the Github OAuth page, this will help users with the order of actions in the GitHub OAuth page and prevent unsuccessful authorizations

  1. LinearB updated the necessary scopes for onboarding with personal access tokens to include real-time support on repository events. Following these scopes when onboarding with personal access tokens will ensure users are enjoying real-time updates on repository-related events (Pull request statuses, reviews, etc.).

Estimated Review Time

Status: Github support, Beta

LinearB is now adding an extra layer of intelligence to its WorkerB alerts, providing estimated review time to review requests in order to help WorkerB users to plan their time and optimize pickup time for pull requests. Estimate review time is based on analysis made on more than 1 million pull requests and it is adjusted to the history of each organization and team. Multiple factors are calculated into the estimation algorithm in order to provide the most accurate and relevant estimation for each pull request. The user is also offered a call to action to see other reviews and select a review that is more aligned with the time they have to invest at that point in time.

Estimated review time is added to the following notifications:

  • Personal review request alert
  • Team alert - Review request hanging
  • /lb reviews - Command results

Microsoft Login

LinearB is now supporting an additional login option for its customers. You can now log in to an existing LinearB organization using your Microsoft account and credentials. LinearB will remember the user's last login attempt and will mark it the next time the user is signing in.

Account Page

LinearB provides customers with visibility and control over their billing. LinearB will show the list of all the contributors that are parts of teams, people that the organization billed for. The admin will be able to remove people from the list in order to reduce the monthly payments.

BitBucket real-time support

LinearB extended its real-time support on WorkerB to organizations that are using BitBucket cloud. For BitBucket customers LinearB tries to install webhooks on all the repositories that are included in the integration and sends personal alerts for pull requests, reviews, and CI tests statuses in real-time.

MS Teams

Status: Beta

LinearB extended the MS teams app functionality to include new commands that developers can use in order to pull data about their pull requests and reviews. The new commands include:

Updates - displays all pull requests and reviews that the user is involved in

Reviews - displays all the reviews that the developer is currently doing as well as all the reviews that are assigned to this developer.

Prs - displays all the pull requests that are issued to the developer.

Prs long - displays all the long-living pull requests

Prs done - displays all the done PRs

Custom Deploy Stages

Status: Beta

LinearB provides a new API for reporting on new deploy stages in Cycle time. Currently, after a pull request is merged we are calculating the time it takes from the time pull request was merged until the pull request was deployed and set is as "Deploy Time". With custom deploy stages, LinearB provides its customers with the ability to measure times in between.

Projects View, Extended View

Status: Beta

LinearB Projects View collects project information from Jira to enable dev leaders to understand and communicate project status and alignment with business priorities.

The new extended view visualizes the people effort, work-breakdown efforts, delivery, and planning accuracy on a project basis.

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