Release 156

Release 156

Release Date: Mar 20, 2021


Unlinked Branches

LinearB Pulse view allows teams to see their ongoing work progress based on their branches and pull requests activity as it is reflected by the Git activity. LinearB is using the Branches and Pull requests naming conventions in order to associate branches and pull requests to issues from the user's project management tool (Jira, Clubhouse). Branches and pull requests that LinearB is not able to associate with PM issues are now displayed as "unlinked" branches at the bottom of the Pulse issue list.

Pulse also shows the per-cent and number of the branches that are unlinked out of the total branches that were found for the time frame. We are indicating these numbers at the top of the Pulse view and updating them based on the relevant filters the user is working with. Clicking on the unlinked branches per-cent indication will scroll the page to the unlinked section and extend it.

Each item in the unlinked branches grid includes the following information:

  1. Branch and repository name and state
  2. People contributed to the branch
  3. Timeline and last activity on the branch

Slack Commands & Personal Notifications (Beta)

LinearB allows now individual devs to get LinearB information and insights that are personally directed to them. Once a slack user is linking his/her slack handle to LinearB they can start using Slash commands to pull their data. We currently support the following commands:

lb updates -

Displays the latest branch and pull request activity for the user:

lb reviews -

Displays the latest review activity for the user:

lb prs -

Displays the latest pull request activity for the user:

Personal Notifications

In addition to the slash commands, users that link their slack handle to LinearB also receive in real-time information about activity in pull requests that they are either owners or reviewers of:

When you are assigned as a reviewer to a pull request:

When someone request changes on your pull request

And, when someone approves your pull request

Clubhouse Support

LinearB is now supporting Clubhouse integration as an additional project management tool analyzed by LinearB. In order to connect to Clubhouse, users need to visit the company settings -> Project management area and select the Clubhouse option

Next, the user needs to enter the Clubhouse API key and select the relevant projects for the teams

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