Set up your initial team

Set up your initial team members

As part of the onboarding process, LinearB scans your selected repositories in order to set up the most relevant people for the new account as part of the team creation process. The list of the most relevant team members is based on set of rules that look for "connections" between the account owner and the other people that had Git interactions with the account owner, such interaction may include commits in the same branches, PR reviews, merges and more.

In order to make sure LinearB assigned the most relevant people to your team, once the auto team creation process is done, LinearB provides the account owner the option to manually edit the list of people that are part of the team created.

Click on "Edit Team" in order to change the team's name, avatar and the people you would like to follow. The list of team members should include the people that are relevant to your tasks and projects.

Click on "This is my team" if the people on the list is up to date.

Add A New Team

Our paid plans allow you to add multiple teams. To add a new team, go to your All Teams dashboard, and click the Add Team button on the right side of your page.

Connect Project Management

Once your team is created you can link your Jira or Shortcut boards to each respective team, and see their progress rolled up into projects as the team works. Read more here: How do I connect project management boards to a team?

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