Time to Merge

Time to Merge

What is this metric? 

This metric holds the average time it takes the team to review and merge a single branch.

Why is it important?

This metric has a big impact on the cycle time as very often it's where PRs get stuck. A short 'time to merge' indicates a good level of teamwork (when this time is short it means that team members are willing to quickly review peer's work). Optimizing this metric will reduce the total time it takes to deliver value and over time improve the quality.

How is it calculated?

This metric is calculated by summing the time it takes to review and merge work on relevant branches by the total number of pull requests that got merged (closed during the iteration) .

How to improve?

It is a good practice to allocate time slots for each team member for reviewing duties and to nurture collaboration culture. We recommend to assign more than one reviewer that can pick up the review task if someone else is busy. One last recommendation that usually helps decoupling this task from reporting hierarchy.

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