Release 158

Release Notes - Release 158

Release name: 158

Release Date: Jun 14, 2021


CI Personal Alerts

As part of the Slack personal notifications package, LinearB is now offering 3 new messages that are available to developers.

  1. CI Checks completed successfully - Whenever a set of CI checks that are performed by your CI Tool and reported back to the Git provider are completed successfully, LinearB informs you in real-time about the successful completion of those checks. In addition, you are getting information regarding the duration time of those checks.
  2. CI Checks failed - Whenever a set of CI checks that are performed by your CI Tool and reported back to the Git provider fails, LinearB informs you in real-time about the failed checks and giving you a link to the failed checks for your review.

New Daily Digest

We have re-designed the daily digest sent to Slack to include more focused and relevant information that teams can use for their daily stand-up. The new daily digest includes 3 parts:

  1. Most active story - The story that had the most Git "action" the previous day. Most actions may include committing new code, opening, reviewing, and merging pull requests.
  2. Stuck work - a story that has pull requests that are either waiting a long time for a review or have reviews that are taking a long time to complete. This story probably needs a team discussion and collaboration in order to move forward and be released thus a good subject for the daily stand-up.
  3. Pull requests with a lot of discussions - Pull requests that include a lot of discussions are usually pull requests that have controversy around them. When the owner of a pull request and the reviewer/s can't agree on actions that are needed in order to approve a pull request, it is probably important to discuss them with the team.

Projects - Kanban support (Beta)

LinearB has better support now for Kanban projects showing cumulative flow diagram for Kanban projects and giving the user the ability to hide swimlanes that are not relevant or focus on swimlanes they care about. The CFD view gives users the most relevant information about their Kanban projects.

Projects - Show people breakdown (Beta)

LinearB is now showing the full list of people that are contributing to a specific project with a full list of the people and information about each individual contribution during the relevant iterations.

MTTR, Issues done, Story point done

LinearB provides users with a new method to follow their mean time to restore. This new metric is now available on the metrics page in a predefined report: "Project Management". This report includes Jira/Shortcut-based information for 3 new metrics.

  1. MTTR - This metric calculates the meantime to restore as defined by the user. The configuration of this metric is available through 'Settings->Projects' and provides users with the option to set the issue type, label, or custom field that defines the issues that will be considered as 'production issues' and will be calculated into the MTTR metric.
  2. Issues Done - a metric that follows the total number of tickets that were moved into done states during the relevant time frame.
  3. Story point done - a metric that follows the total number of story points that were part of tickets that were moved to the done states during the relevant time frame.

Download as PNG

Both Metric reports and Projects reports are now have the option to export the report as a PNG for external use of these reports. Export is available through the 'Share' button on the top left corner of the screen

Multiple boards for project management integration

We are now supporting the option to select more than one board for a team. This means that teams that are working on tickets from several boards can get connected to all the boards they are working on and get metrics and context from multiple boards.

Note: when selecting multiple boards per team, if the boards have different types of iterations the user will need to manually select the relevant iterations for their team.

In order to select multiple boards for a team, you need to go to Team Settings -> Projects and select the relevant boards from the dropdown list


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