Release 154

Release 154

Release Date: Dec 20, 2020


Support Draft/WIP Pull Requests

LinearB is now supporting draft pull requests. Draft PRs, are pull requests that are opened at the beginning or during the coding stage in order to start and collect feedback from other developers and/or use the advantage of CI systems that are connected to the Git provider and runs automatic tests on each new commit. Draft PR is a known methodology across teams and unlike “regular” PR, is not an indication that the work is ready for review and merge but rather part of the coding stage. 

All Draft PRs will now be excluded from the cycle time calculations and all the time the PR is in the draft state will be attributed to the coding time. In addition, Review request hanging and Review too long notifications will not be sent on draft PRs. 

Draft PRs will be marked differently on the Branches page and PRs page and will have a new badge for “Draft” 

Investment Profile - Extended and improved report

LinearB faced lifted the investment profile report. The new report includes a new summary line that sums and averages the time frame of the report and provides the investment profile data for all the relevant iterations. In addition, each row in the grid shows the data both in workdays and as a % of the total investment. 

Onboarding - Improved experience

LinearB improved the user experience around the onboarding experience specifically when selecting repositories for the initial scanning. Active repositories are now better detected and prioritized for the user to select from. Other repositories, personal and inactive repositories are now excluded from the list. In addition, LinearB provides more help options in case users can’t find their organization’s repositories. The new help options include online human help, the option to select a different authorization method, and the option to invite the Git admin to onboard.  

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